Xavier works closely with Coach Mac to oversee the AU Park location. 
Xavier brings several decades of involvement with Home Run Baseball Camp to the field every day! He began as a hard hitting four year old rookie with outstanding energy and friendliness! After his camp days ended he joined our Coach in Training where he quickly excelled into a paid position. Xavier has a passion for justice and teaching and served a year after high school as a City Year DC Corps Member serving in Ward 8.
Xavier earned a bachelors degree from Manhattanville College where he was a four year starter on the track and field team. His team set the school record in the 4×100 relay. He also excelled in the 400 meters. 
He went on to earn a Masters Degree in education and wanted to teach in the South Bronx where he was needed most. He was quickly hired at the Carl Icahn Charter School there where he is a respected and beloved school leader.
Xavier and his wife Tytiona live in New York City and are moving to Washington in June. Xavier is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys long bike rides, running, spending time with his family and reading. 
Coach Mac on Xavier: “Xavier is an outstanding teacher and coach raised by incredible parents. He is a Man for Others who has impeccable character and judgment. You can count on Xavier. I urge my players to forge intellectual, physical and spiritual fitness. Xavier does just that and keeps reaching higher to serve those who need him most. Every time I speak with him he is upbeat and working on something meaningful. I have known him since his early days as a camper and am proud of the family man he has grown into. I just wish I could keep up with him on his long runs at a five minute mile pace!”