Frequently Asked Questions


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John McCarthy, Director



  • What should my child bring to camp?

    Campers should come with a glove and hat (with names on them).  Players are welcome to bring their own bat, but we have plenty.  We have access to water at every camp, but campers are welcome to bring their own water bottle. Home Run Baseball does not provide any food items to campers, so every camper is required to bring the food they will need for the day. 

  • Do we provide aftercare?

    Yes, we have aftercare at our Washington full-day summer camps for an additional charge. Aftercare is from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

  • Who do I ask about registration and registration changes?

    Please email or call Tim Goins, our Director of Operations – 202-726-8311 or

  • How do we deal with hot days?

    We take frequent water and shade breaks. The key is common sense.  We also have sunscreen stations at all our camps and take breaks to apply the sunscreen as needed.  We have never had a child taken to the hospital for heat related issues.

  • What do we do when it rains?

    Safety is our top priority. With the threat of potentially dangerous weather, we immediately seek shelter.  A safe indoor shelter is avalable at every location. Parents are notified if the campers are moved to the shelter.

  • How do we group campers?

    We group by age, not ability and make efforts to place friends together.

  • What should my child wear to camp?

    Campers should dress comfortably and athletic wear is recommended. Baseball pants are encouraged, but not required.  Baseball cleats are also not required and basic athletic shoes are fine.  

  • Do we have a lost and found?

    We sweep the field everyday for equipment and keep it available for parents and players to look through.  

  • Can I come for a single day?

    Yes, we have a drop-in rate in our Spring, Summer and Fall camps.  You will see an option on the camp page to register for the daily drop-in.  We encourage all drop-in campers to still register in advance, but on-site registration is also available at the camp.  

  • Can we do a make-up day?

    If you are sick or have an emergency, please email our Director of Operations, Tim Goins to discuss a possible make-up.

  • Can we change weeks later?

    Yes, simply send us an email to and we’ll confirm the change was made.

  • Can we sign up but pay later?

    No. However, we take walk-ins for our Spring, Summer and Fall camps.  

  • Can we get a refund?

    Yes. We stand by the quality of our coaches and program and will provide a full refund no questions asked if you are not satisfied for any reason.