Coach Hulsey was asked to join our team as a senior advisor over ten years ago. A relentlessly positive and industrious person, Coach Hulsey is loved by our staff and players for his upbeat and solution oriented outlook. You can often find him as the first person to camp working on the fields and after camp throwing BP to some of our coaches who want to hone their hitting skills. Coach Hulsey makes appearances each summer in Brooklyn and Washington. A history buff, Coach rides his bike at night to Washington’s great monuments. 
Coach has spent over 5o years as a teacher and head coach at the high school and college level In Birmingham, Mobile and Enterprise Alabama. His final 29 years were as head coach at Enterprise Junior College in southeast region called the Wiregrass. 
Coach grew up in Birmingham from humble but proud roots and went on to play second base for Auburn under head coach Paul Nix. He later earned a masters degree and was an assistant coach for Eddie Stanky at the University of South Alabama. 
Known for recruiting and developing mentally and physically tough rural, blue collar country ballplayers- some straight off family farms-he earned a reputation for producing reliable, talented and disciplined student athletes for top tier four year college baseball programs throughout the south. Hundreds signed four year scholarships with some going on to reach the minor and major leagues.  
He was a straight shooting taskmaster who expected players to attend every class, show folks respect,  graduate on time and had no tolerance for drug and alcohol use. He told players when they arrived if they couldn’t toe the line or, worse, displayed consistent selfishness, he would take their scholarship and roster spot. Players stuck with him because he treated them like men and worked long hours to improve their skills. And he stood by his players through success and failure. 
Many of his players went on to be successful head coaches. 
He was elected to the Alabama Baseball Coaching Hall of Fame in 2020.
A family man to the core, Coach and his outstanding wife Candy raised three children and still live in Enterprise where they look after their grandkids and are active in the community. 
Coach Mac on Coach Hulsey:
“Blessings in life often come when the river bends and roils while we demand it stay calm. Spending one season as a student athlete at Enterprise JC counts as a big one for me. Coach Hulsey began making demands the day he picked me up at the airport in his beat up pickup truck. We had never met. First thing I noticed was how gracious and direct he was. And his hands looked like he’d been looking after 100 acres for three decades. He was a farmer- but his crops were hard core country ballplayers who enjoyed breaking up double plays more than lining a double in the gap. You’d get a handshake for a home run but if you put the shortstop six feet back breaking up a double play teammates would meet you at the top step with hugs and high fives. 
I loved playing for Coach and understood exactly what he wanted- earn your degree, hustle, win ballgames and earn your opponents respect by the way you play the game. And take your hat off and leave a dollar tip on the road at restaurants. 
My parents had so much appreciation for Coach Hulsey’s impact on me. He changed the course of my life for the better and gets bigger as the years go by as I reflect on his lessons. Mentors and master teachers are hard to come by and you’re lucky to connect with one as you grow up. Coach Hulsey did that for me. We couldn’t ask for a better veteran coach to go to for counsel or to help find a solution.”