Dear Families,

Come on this trip. Say yes. Ted Williams often said the most important aspect of hitting was ‘get a good pitch to hit’. This is a fastball right down the middle. Hammer it!

You can count on my entire coaching staff and friends in Consuelo to make sure your family has a safe and productive visit. You will find Dominican hospitality second to none.

Almost twenty years ago I was visiting the Dominican as a guest coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers and again when the US Peace Corps asked me to train their in-country volunteers. On one of those training visits to Consuelo, Sister Lenore of the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception invited me to break bread at the convent where I also met Sisters Anna, Catherine, Naty and Susan. We became fast friends.

They are women of high spiritual voltage, imagination, wit and reservoirs of deep resilience. Over the years, many Home Run Baseball Camp coaches, families and friends have visited Consuelo to support the communities incredible programs of social uplift. 

One of those leaders is my friend Manny Acta, current 3rd base coach for the Seattle Mariners,  whose outstanding program ImpActa blends academics and baseball for kids. He was honored on November 5th, 2016 in New York City with the Brooks Robinson Award for his efforts serving his hometown of Consuelo.

We are looking for ballplayers who compete on the field and act as Ambassadors off of it. Ballplayers who want to expand their cultural horizons, play some country hardball and meet men and women serving their community with grit, grace and faith. 

We do this trip because many folks in the States and Consuelo ask us to. We use this trip to strengthen our friendships and raise money for the Sisters and ImpActa. This trip is not a business venture. Leaders in Consuelo have told me over the years how they take pride that so many American and Canadian families have chosen to build a bridge between their respective communities. We have welcomed many Consuelo community leaders to our program in Washington and New York.

Be here. Swing hard. Pepe Frias, Rico Caty, Mariano Duncan,  Alfedo Griffin, Juan Samuel, Julio Franco and Sammy Sosa (all Consuelo natives) wouldn’t take this pitch!

Call me if I can be of any service. My cell is 202 230 2206


All the best,

John McCarthy