Coach in Training Program (for 13 and 14 year olds)

Our Coach in Training program is for motivated 13 and 14 year olds who want to learn how to be a working baseball coach. CIT’s will be assigned to an experienced coach and will assist with instruction, team management and field care. CIT’s will be treated as members of our coaching staff.
I want to have the best CIT program in the country. We look to our CIT graduates who have progressed for openings on our paid staff. I have had hundreds of outstanding coaches over the years and the majority were alums of our CIT program. They will be treated with courtesy, respect and given good training and clear instructions. We ask our senior coaches to go out of their way to make them feel welcome and encourage them.
We expect CIT’s to show up by 8:30am, shine their shoes daily, have a clean staff uniform, be well groomed, smile, say hello, encourage our ballplayers, teach them whet they know and get to know other CIT’s from different backgrounds. Baseball or even athletic experience is not a requirement.
This CIT program is not for everyone. Our staff is outside coaching all day, we get dirty, we take care of the fields and we keep the place clean. We want CIT’s who have energy, are willing to work hard and enjoy teaching ballplayers. 
Note: Coach In Training participates are not guarenteed a position with Home Run Baseball Camp in the future.  We have a very limited amount of paid coaching positions, so there are not enough positions for everyone.  We want to make sure you realize that participation in this program has not and is not a guarentee of a position with Home Run Baseball Camp.
  • AU Park – 4500 Van Ness St NW, Washington, DC 
  • Capitol Hill – Payne Elem School, 1441 C St SE, Washington, DC
  • Brooklyn – The Parade Grounds in Prospect Park, Caton Ave and Stratford Dr, Brooklyn, NY
  • $200 per week
  • Each Coach in Training will receive the following:
    • A new pair of Turf Shoes
    • 2 Staff Shirts
    • A pair of shorts


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