March Spring Break Camp Starts Today! – Drop-in days are available: Camp is at St. Albans School in NW, Washington, DC. ┬áPlease call us for more details.


The Leading Baseball Camp in Washington

“Welcome to Home Run Baseball Camp. Our coaches, who are mostly former campers, have been working together for 22 years to give every child a safe, fun and challenging place to play ball. You can expect my team and I to treat your child with respect and consideration in a safe, nurturing environment. The way you play the game and treat others counts at my camp, and I encourage and expect my returning campers to include new players in all aspects of camp. I am at camp every day and am always available to speak with parents. This will be another great year at Home Run Baseball Camp! Keep swinging for the fences – on and off the field.”
~ Coach Mac


A special message from Emmanuel Burriss, infielder for the Washington Nationals and former camper & coach.