Former Campers with College and Pro Experience

Former campers currently playing professional baseball include:

  • Emmanuel Burriss, Major Leagues, Cincinnati Reds
  • Gerard Hall, Jr. KC Royals, minor leagues
  • Marcus Jones, Washington Nationals, minor leagues
  • Sam Mulroy, Anaheim Angels

Many Home Run Baseball Camp alumni have gone on to start for their high school teams. Since 2008, the starting nine for both teams in the Congresssional Bank City Championship Game has been made up of 75% former campers. St. John’s, St. Albans, Wilson, Maret, Sidwell, GDS, Whitmans, BCC, Gonzaga, Georgetown Prep, School Without Walls and Landon all have camp alumni on their Varsity rosters. Two have been named Gatorade Player of the Year for DC since 1995.

In addition, more than 200 camp alumni have played college baseball. Recently graduated college players include:

  • Ian Horkley, RHP, (Davidson)
  • Ben Sestanovich, RHP (Harvard)
  • Sam Mulroy, Catcher (Princeton)
  • Andrew Whitener, SS (Princeton)
  • Walter Albee, LHP (Brown)
  • Andrew Mauro, RHP (Dickinson)
  • Christopher Mauro, 3B/RHP (Sewanee)
  • Kyle Flora, C/3B (Toledo)
  • George Geiger, SS (Trinity (TX))
  • Cameron Phillips, RHP (Lehigh)
  • Matt Grieb, CF (Catholic)
  • Jeff Flax, SS/2B (LaSalle)